BINDER IN THE U.K. For textile printing users.


Our company was founded in 1973 in Kyoto, the city famous since the days of old for Japanese traditions, including the Yuzen dyeing process. In the beginning, our company was a manufacturer of dye assist agents while continuing to develop products mainly related to dyeing. Namely, we manufactured and sold products such as textile printing pastes, soaping agents, and surface-active agents.

Next, we put our efforts in developing new products while navigating through different business periods, including weak periods in the dyeing business. We deeply planted ourselves in Kyoto, known for ancient Japanese traditions, and experienced much trial and error. Since about twenty years ago, we started to focus our efforts on products related to textile printing, namely, dyes and pigments. Today, we are flourishing in our next business opportunity as a manufacturer of water-based printing agents that bind pigments on to materials including cotton and polyester, mainly for t-shirts, etc.

Due to its simple shape, t-shirts are appropriate for any age or gender, and continue to be worn and enjoyed by people throughout the world. Its simplicity enables it to transcend the boundaries placed on other types of clothing and makes its presence in society felt in many ways. These include canvas for designs, motivator for the mind and body in sports, and the "rock and roll spirit" that carries a message.

Our company's basic manufacturing principles are "skill", "spark", and "surprise". We have developed over several hundred types of specialized binders to meet customer needs. Each of these binders was created from new ideas. These new ideas are created by a collection of "skill", "spark", and "surprise" elements of our researchers' capabilities.

Our corporate vision: "The only one and the next one". "Only one" means striving to be a company that doesn't just produce the first product, but also the finest products. "Next one" refers to never being satisfied and having the determination and believing that we can always create something better. This comes from a quote from the great comedy actor, Charles Chaplin. When asked by a reporter, "What is the greatest film you have ever made?" Chaplin responded, "The next one".

We shall continue to create not only trends, but full-scale movements in the textile field through product creation that we take pride in.

Masaya Imai, President and CEO