Technology Hidden in Unseen Parts

Striving for Optimal Elongation and Binding

Transfer marking refers to the copying of designs formed on PET film, etc., onto materials by inversion. There are many transfer methods. They enable the rendering of delicate and detailed designs. It is used in both outerwear and inner-wear and is expected to be developed for many products in the future. Our work in transfer marking is based on how firmly we can bind print and materials. It is also the ability to embody elasticity and adhesive strength hidden from the surface. We achieve this using water-based binder technology. We look to also achieve technical development in the transfer field by utilizing expertise in the development of specialized binders for direct print.

For Our Most Advanced Users

Transfer technology is advancing at a dizzying pace. There are developments in all areas including materials, machinery, and processes. Concurrently, we are putting our efforts in developing new products that meet the needs of our most advanced customers. Responding to the needs of our advanced customers provides us with a continuous opportunity for growth. We believe technical capability comes from hard work, passion, and ideas. Even with regards to chemical basics, the goal is to create products that satisfy the consumers who use the end product. For all types of development, we shall challenge ourselves with our best efforts by using the principle of taking "three feet forward and one foot back".